As a holistic LIfestyle Coach, my goal is to support clients who believe they can affect their own health and want to restore balance into their lives.

In a world where we spend too much time being wired and tired, I coach individuals to find balance in their lives and be responsible for their own health. I use behavioral change psychology, human motivation, and health awareness that brings positive mind body connections. Wellness is living your life very consciously in ways that enhance your health and wellbeing.

“I have had two energy work sessions with Deb and have been amazed on both occasions how intuitive and nurturing she is to the needs of my body. She is very knowledgeable as to what areas in the body are in need of help through muscle testing and other modalities. I come to her totally discombobulated and leave feeling grounded and vitalized with a new energy for life. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has health issues and is open to energy medicine.”

~Amanda Brawley
Real Estate Agent

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