Energy Medicine Healing

Debra is a Certified Practitioner from the Donna Eden Energy Medicine program.


“We’re in the midst of a radical essential paradigm shift
in the Western medical model…It is imperative that we
expand our concepts of healthcare to include subtle
energy and energy medicine”

~Judith Orloff, M.D. Positive Energy

energy medicine healingEnergy Medicine (EM) is a powerful method of accessing the body’s natural capacity for healing. It optimizes the client’s energy to help the body and mind stay healthy. EM combines concepts and systems from Chinese Medicine with modern day scientific understanding of wellness, health and healing. It is used as a complementary practice to traditional medicine and as an empowering self-help system. EM focuses on health and wellness and the energetic communications and processes that support the body’s chemistry and healing potential. The main tools are the client’s own energies, the practitioner’s healing energies, and the power of working together to restore energies to their natural flow and to correct any energetic imbalances.

5-Minute Energy Wellness Routine

I teach this routine to individuals and in a group setting.

Energy Medicine practice MA Debra DuxburyThe 5-Minute Energy Wellness Routine is a non-invasive self care technique based on ancient healing traditions that empowers you to cope with the stresses of modern life. You learn a daily routine that is made up of eight Energy Medicine exercises and how it balances the body. This Eden Energy Medicine routine builds positive habits into your energy field.

Energy Medicine is a powerful method of accessing the body’s natural capacity for healing. It optimizes your energy to help the body and mind stay healthy. By doing this routine each day, you correct any disruptions in the body’s energy field that keep you from feeling your best. The goal of energy medicine is to restore your energies to their natural flow and balance.

More Testimonials for Energy Medicine

“Debra Duxbury presented at the Swampscott Senior Center as part of our Wellness Seminars. Her presentation on Energy Wellness and Stress Management was excellent. Her demonstration of techniques to enhance energy zones and promote better health was well received by those in attendance.”
Marilyn Hurwitz
Director Swampscott Senior Center Swampscott, MA

“I had the pleasure of taking Deb Duxbury’s Energy Wellness Class at the Marblehead Community Center. I never felt so energized and relaxed at the same time. I highly recommend her. I was most pleased. She is well aware of how to convey what she knows in a positive way and this translates to great health benefits for whomever takes this class.”
Joan Brennan, RNMS