Biofield Tuning

Staywell coaching biofield tuningBiofield Tuning is a sound balancing method that uses biofeedback produced by the pure tones of tuning forks in our electromagnetic field (Biofield) to help the body relax and breathe more deeply. This deep relaxation can help reduce the cumulative effects of stress, freeing blocked energy that maybe be influencing a person’s health and well being. Using the principle of entrainment, the frequencies and tone of the tuning forks bring the stress in the Biofield back into resonance. This process renews the energy in the body and helps promote healing and vitality. Biofield Tuning helps “raise the voltage” of the body and gives it more energy and power to do what it is designed to do – self repair.

How it works

During a Biofield Tuning session, a client lies fully clothed on a treatment table while the practitioner activates a tuning fork and scans the body slowly beginning from a distance. The practitioner is feeling for resistance and stress in the client’s energy field, as well as listening for a change in the overtones and undertones of the tuning fork. When a practitioner encounters a stressful area, she continue to activate the tuning fork and hold it in that specific spot until it is resolved. Research suggests the body’s organizational energy uses the steady coherent vibration and frequency of the tuning fork to tune itself. This stress is released and allows it to return and circulate throughout the body. This released tension lightens the mind and body and promotes healing.

Biofield Tuning Offerings

Biofield Tuning

This 60 minute session uses weighted and non weighted tuning forks on and around the body and biofield.

Sonic Meridian Flush

This 90 Minute session uses mostly weighted forks on the body such as the spine, head, face, hands and feet. This is like a spa treatment and helps the flow of energy in the body.

Adrenal Gland Reset

This 60 minute session can be done AFTER receiving at least 3 Biofield Tuning sessions. This powerful session helps to rebalance the adrenal glands. The practitioner will use the same technique for Biofield Tuning but will concentrate on the adrenal glands.

Relationship Tuning

This 60 minute session can be done with 2 people or animals to help bring balance between the two.

Distance Biofield Tuning

This 60 minute session is done over the phone or remotely by using a hologram of the individual using the same techniques as regular Biofield Tuning.

Distance Biofield Tuning for Animals
This 30 minute session is done by using a picture of the the animal and working remotely by using the Biofield Tuning techniques.