Wellness Coaching

“Coaching is not telling people what to do; it’s giving them a
chance to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions.”

James Flaherty Founder of Integral Coaching

I coach the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

wellness coaching debra duxburyLasting lifestyle change involves health awareness and motivation to help individuals find their own solutions. Together we create a plan that empowers the client to reach the goals they need to be most effective in their work and in life. This relationship provides the accountability and support to follow through and make changes that last.

Wellness is the experience of living with high levels of self awareness, conscious choice and connectedness with others. Wellness and health coaching is a behavior change methodology that allows individuals to:

  • Assess and take stock of their wellness
  • Envision themselves living their optimal lifestyle
  • Design the approach and create a workable plan
  • Implement a plan they can commit to
  • Evaluate and track their progress so that they know when and how they are successful.

wellness coach debra duxbury

“Wellness is the process of becoming aware and making a choice
toward a more successful existence.”
John Travis, M.D. a pioneering physicianwho first brought the term “wellness” into public awareness.

I specialize in stress reduction techniques that allow the individual to stay on track despite the up and downs of their busy and demanding lives.

Stress has become an epidemic in the workplace and is taking a toll on our body, mind and spirit. Many people have become accustomed to living in “stress mode” and don’t even realize it. Job stress is considered more taxing than financial or relationship stress. When your health is compromised through stress, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms of our modern day life, you need to learn how to maintain healthy lifestyle habits during these stressful times.

Some signs of stress overload:

  • Repeated bouts of colds and flu
  • Chest pain, rapid heart beat
  • Consistent feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Using food, alcohol, drugs, smoking, shopping, and gambling to relieve your stress
  • Irritability, moodiness, angry
  • Always worrying
  • Gaining or losing weight
  • Sleep problems

wellness coaching north shore maBenefits of working with a Wellness and Health Coach

  • Become accountable for your health and well being
  • Identify barriers and explores resources for achieving your goals
  • Become more aware of how beliefs and judgments can hold you back
  • Develop skills for successful lifestyle change to reach your goals

“Ability is what you’re capable of
Motivation determines what you do and your
Attitude determines how well you do it.”
Lou Holtz Football Coach