Positivity Thinking Jan 20th JJC in Marblehead

We tend to face aging with a specific mindset. Do we choose to view aging in a positive or a negative perspective? We say “I’m 70 years young!” or “Fifty is the new 40” or we wisely tell ourselves, “You’re only as old as you feel.”

Research is mounting that our outlook, our personality and how upbeat we are has a profound impact not just on how we feel but also on how our cells age. As with matters involving health, it comes down in large measure to lifestyle – diet, exercise, adequate sleep and a positive attitude. This presentation is how we can enhance our health using positive psychology which is the science of happiness.

Specifically we will identify our intrinsic character strengths and how we use them in our lives. Come prepared to have fun and examine what is strong in our lives – not what is wrong.

8 Benefits of Meditation

Over the past few decades there has been a lot of interest in the field of Neuro Science about how meditation affects the human brain. Here are a few highlights of recent findings.

A daily practice of meditation can have many emotional and physical benefits. Whether you rise at dawn to sit in a lotus position and chant, or take some time during your workday to breathe deeply and focus on mentally reciting the alphabet, you are practicing and developing mindfulness. Simply taking a mental step back and focusing on your breathing, can recharge your mental & physical “battery”.

Here are some of the findings from a Harvard Medical School 2015 study.


1: Improves control over your emotions
2: Increases emotional intelligence
3: Helps with memory
4: It can reduce pain
5: Enhances your ability to sustain attention
6: Helps with depression
7: Improves circulation
8: Enhances your ability to multi-task