8 Benefits of Meditation

Over the past few decades there has been a lot of interest in the field of Neuro Science about how meditation affects the human brain. Here are a few highlights of recent findings.

A daily practice of meditation can have many emotional and physical benefits. Whether you rise at dawn to sit in a lotus position and chant, or take some time during your workday to breathe deeply and focus on mentally reciting the alphabet, you are practicing and developing mindfulness. Simply taking a mental step back and focusing on your breathing, can recharge your mental & physical “battery”.

Here are some of the findings from a Harvard Medical School 2015 study.


1: Improves control over your emotions
2: Increases emotional intelligence
3: Helps with memory
4: It can reduce pain
5: Enhances your ability to sustain attention
6: Helps with depression
7: Improves circulation
8: Enhances your ability to multi-task