Positive Psychology Coaching and Workshops

Evidence based study of happiness

Positive Psychology, pioneered by Martin Seligman, PhD is the study of positive experiences, positive character strengths and practices. As a study, it is when we are at our healthiest, most resilient and closest to thriving. This approach focuses on what is strong – not what is wrong.

Research shows us that happiness come from many sources. Only 10% actually is the result of something that we think causes happiness such as a new “thing” in our lives, winning the lottery meeting the love of our life. All of these kinds of things make us happy in the moment but – does it last? Happiness is also based on our genetics – how we were brought up and what was valued and how our family dealt with difficulties and successes. It is our attitude toward how we view the world that results in how we sustain happiness in our lives.

Workshops and individual coaching sessions discuss the following:

Every moment we have a choice – big and little.

Any small change we make our life can make a difference.

Positive experiences include the mental states of flow and mindfulness about the past, present and future. Positive character strengths include strengths such as wisdom, courage, humanity, temperance and spirituality. Evidence based research documents the power behind this approach.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Asking the right question to be open to possibilities
  • Permission to be human
  • Where you find your meaning and purpose
  • Intrinsic strengths using the VIA assessment
  • Appreciating appreciation
  • Gratitude is the attitude
  • Tools to increase mindfulness
  • Mind body connections
  • Choice and co-creating our reality

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